• My Process

    If you are ordering a cake for any special celebration we want your cake to be an amazing part of your day. The cake design process usually starts with an initial tasting with the client and some close friends or family.


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    They choose up to 4 flavors they love and we collaborate on what combinations they might like to taste. At the tasting we stack up mini slices of cake with layers of buttercreams to find the perfect combination for their celebration.


    We take all the ideas developed during the cake tasting and turn them into a sketch so the client can understand the vision and feeling we want to depict in their cake. We collaborate on details and make adjustments or sometimes they love the cake exactly as we drew it.


    Next, we start crafting all the decorations in sugar. Sometimes this process begins weeks before actually baking and finishing the cake for delivery.


    We love the smallest detail and try to make every cake match as closely as possible to what we've drawn, The best part is seeing faces light up when clients see the final cake in full dimension.